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Unique opportunity to strengthen your ideas and knowledge How To Develop The Basic Principles Of The Technique Book And, Turn Them Into A Competitive Dance Of The Highest Level Without Losing The Character And Fundamentals Along The Way … From bases to evolutionHow best can you learn the new WDSF texts?How can you improve advanced techniques for standard and Latin American dances?You can do it with the DST LAB1) technical preparation for judicial exams2) evolution of mandatory… Leggi tutto »Dance Sport Team Lab

Dance Sport Team Croatia Camp

It Is Not Only A Training Camp Anymore. It Is a Master in DanceSport Remember, everyone does training camps,but nobody offers you diagnostic and monitoring system developed by the best professionals. If you want to know, the new, the latest, the best … There is a place and a moment: Zadar, 05-07 May2020 Just because you repeat the hours and hours the steps it will not get better. One of our teachers used to say: “If you train the… Leggi tutto »Dance Sport Team Croatia Camp