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We are a team that has been cooperating for more than 18 years …

our motto is respect that you will be respected …

Our goal is to create more and more champions and international events of quality and level.

Dance Sport Team International is a family

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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The best way to study and always have the videos that will help you along your path as Trainer, Teacher and WDSF International Judge


We help you promote your image as a champion in the world of dance we help you have sponsorships You will become a star

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works with a fantastic team only experts ... they are:
Pietro Braga
Pietro Braga

International Sports Director for standard dances WDSF judge Speaker in the academy of the WDSF International Organizer

Chris Zammit

International dance sport teacher WDSF JUDGE President of the Maltese National Federation International event organizer

Lorena Costa

International Teacher 10 dances WDSF judge

Valeri Ivanov

International Sports Director for 10 dances and WDSF judge WDSF exam Teacher International event organizer

Rade Janjić

International Teacher WDSF judge International event organizer

Jean-Luc - Habel

WDSF JUDGE International event organizer

Nedyalkova Vesela

Bulgarian Judge Director of ADS Baila
Spoleto Italy

Frederic Mosa

International Sports Director for Latin American dances WDSF judge WDSF Dance Sport Europe Presidium Member

Alberto Valloni

DSTI International Secretary Presidium member of Up Dance Sport Team Italy WDSF Judge International teacher

Cedric Degroot

WDSF Judge
International Events Organizer

Alessia Betti

National President of the Up Dance Sport Team Technical Responsible of Standard Dances

Francesco Calcò

Vice President Up Dance Sport Team Italy WDSF Judge International teacher

Ezio Mattioli
Ezio Mattioli

Bulgarian Judge Director of ADS Baila
Spoleto Italy


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The services we provide are specific and personalized, created for a large audience that starts from: Teachers, judges, athletes, organizers, trainers, academies, dance schools ...

Dance Sport Cup 2021





Frederic Mosa, Pietro Braga & Valeri Ivanov, DSC promoters



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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

I have been cooperating with this team of teachers for years, and I must recognize that they have always done events of level and quality …
Their Training Camp have always been represented by teachers of Name and very high technical level.
They have always taken care of the pairs of athletes always analyzing everything in detail.
I feel part of their family
I love you…

Ilya Danilov

International dance sport Teacher and WDSF Judge

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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being part of a world-renowned group like DSTI takes your image to the highest level and makes your work grow more and more every day .. join now

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Many qualified teachers work with us who will improve your pairs of athletes, leading to making your school known

We are always forward to everyone

We create innovative and functional projects for all dance levels

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